Know-how in the dairy industry

As the project proceeds and the detailed planning is progressed, we keep a close eye on the big picture

Technology from Krones

Milkron has the specialists when it comes to developing and implementing your optimum system solution for the production of dairy products.

When it comes to the right technology, we are pleased to draw on Krones' machines and lines. Because the company is one of the leading system suppliers for the beverage and food industries. The group also has the right solutions for the milk-processing sector:

When it comes to planning and executing your project, Milkron taps into these synergies, of course – and you benefit from streamlined decision-making channels and comprehensive expertise.

But we will, of course, on request also integrate components and systems from other manufacturers into your line: as an autonomous company, we (and thus of course you) are entirely flexible in the choice of machine and component vendors. After all, at the end of the day, only one thing really matters: that you get from us precisely the ideal solution for your production operation.