Know-how in the dairy industry

As the project proceeds and the detailed planning is progressed, we keep a close eye on the big picture


Before the detailed planning begins, there are of course plenty of questions to be clarified first – and for all of these Milkron will join with you in finding the right answers. Thanks to our long years of experience in the dairy sector, we can support you in the following areas:

  • Specifying process-technological preconditions, such as nominal pipe diameters, temperatures, flow rates and pressures, plus the type of treatment used for the dairy products concerned
  • Optimising existing systems with special attention to energy-efficiency, minimised product losses, better raw material yields, and further utilisation of by-products, plus improving the intra-plant material flows
  • Defining KPIs
  • Assistance in developing new products
  • Training for your operators
  • Drawing up feasibility studies and tender documents
  • Support during ongoing production

Factory planning

When it comes to planning a new factory or a new line, the project manager, together with his team, makes sure all your requirements have been clearly defined, and have already been incorporated in the rough planning. As the project proceeds and the detailed planning is progressed, we then of course keep a close eye on the big picture: you can rely on us, for example, to coordinate the job sections concerned with other vendors, or clarify technical questions with them.