Optimised support for your entire milk project

– even while operation is still ongoing

Spare parts packages and maintenance schedules

Service and after-sales activities play an important part in ensuring that your line will always give trouble-free operation even after commissioning. So we work out the suitable spare parts packages and maintenance schedules for your machines and lines in the development phase, thus maximising the availability of your production lines.


Concentrated Milkron expertise is also at your side when it comes to maintenance. Our experienced service engineers ensure a smooth procedure: we provide a maintenance service from a single source for heat exchangers, pumps and valves, as well as for the validation of meters – no matter whether the components have been supplied by our group or by third-party companies.


In order to make sure that after maintenance you will know exactly where work has been done, you will get a comprehensive documentation package, which will be a valuable aid, for example, during audits. At the same time, it will help you to identify optimisation potentials in the system, and in future to extend maintenance intervals wherever possible.